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Tests founded in scientific excellence

Equinome is committed to achieving scientific excellence in all aspects of its research, ensuring the highest level of scientific integrity for each test. Ongoing research and development supports highly productive synergies between world-class science and elite racehorse breeding and training.

"We are most impressed by the theory which appears to be supported by stringent laboratory research. We now look forward to benefitting from the application of Equinome's services"
Terry Henderson, Owner, OTI Racing, Australia
"... it has been very interesting to learn that it is not your judgement on pedigree and confirmation that is necessarily correct in evaluating stamina levels... I will continue to use and learn about the technology."
Richard Gibson, Trainer, Hong Kong 
"When it comes to published academic research, Hill may be champion among the geneticists engaged in the search for the secrets of equine athletic potential."
Scientific American
"I found your findings fascinating and highly “credible” in that they tally with what we have learnt during many years practical experience. Having this information available 'before the event' is sure to provide users with an edge."
Ms. Kirsten Rausing
"After finding out that she was a T:T, she was tried at 2200m and won first time out. She has subsequently won a Stakes race at 2400m and Grade 2 at 3200m. Her value as a broodmare has now obviously increased greatly as a result of the change in race distance and addition of black type, as well as the additional prize money returned."
Tinus Gericke, Owner and Breeder, South Africa
"The introduction of genetic know-how to breeding will dramatically change the face of the bloodstock industry. We have begun and intend to continue to utilise this highly valuable tool to fine-tune decision making in our operation. This will fundamentally change the way we will have to think about breeding in the future."
John O’Connor, Managing Director, Ballylinch Stud, Ireland
"Woodside Park Stud were very pleased with the price for one of their yearlings that had an excellent genetic score, which achieved a premium that well exceeded their expectations in advance of the sale and said “We are glad that we had the tests done as I’m sure it helped us get that little bit extra on our colt."
Murray Tillet, General Manager, Woodside Park Stud, Australia
"All of our mares have been tested under the Equinome Speed Gene Test, and we see it as a useful application of scientific knowledge to the alchemy of breeding a champion. Breeding is still an art form, no matter how much information science can give you, but you try to take as much guesswork out of it as you can."
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